Saturday, March 15, 2014

The "Profit In 60-Seconds" System - Super System? or Just a Scam?

The trading of 60-second binary options has become incredibly popular lately, with trade volumes for 60-second contracts being not all that far behind the volumes for standard, high/low binary option contracts. And that is just crazy, especially considering that 60-second options are only a couple short years old at this point. They were first introduced to the market in 2011 with the launch of Traderush, the innovator of 60-second binary options trading. However, since that time they have spread across most of the industry, with all of the most popular and top-rated brokers offering some form of 60-second, or "turbo" trading.

profit in 60-seconds review

Profit in 60-Seconds Review - Super System? or Simple Scam?

The Profit in 60-seconds software is claimed to be a system for automatically trading and profiting from these options with a very high success rate. So if these claims are even partly true, with compounding returns we are all going to be filthy rich is no time at all. Woohoo! Ah, but no fast. Because alas, it turns out that none of this scammers claims are even partly true, and the "system" only works well at emptying your account balance. The only person who is going to "profit in 60-seconds" from the use of this software is the jerk pushing it. The "Profit in 60-Seconds Scam" is a much more appropriate and truthful name for this crap.

This scammer tricks people into paying for his worthless system by pretending that he is giving them a free 30-day trial of the product. Our profit in 60 seconds review tells an entirely different story. All you have to
the profit in 60-seconds review of scam system
do to get this "free" trial is deposit $200+ with one of his partner brokers, who then turn around and pay him a $200+ "finders fee" for referring them a new client. So in all reality he is charging you $200+ for his crappy software. And you'll be lucky if that's all it costs you. Because if you were to deposit more than the $200 minimum, and then actually use the system on your new account you would quickly just lose whatever account balance you might have. Even worse is that he probably has a revenue sharing deal with these brokers, whereby the more you lose the more he makes, giving him an incentive to make his "system" as crappy as possible. Doesn't get much more scummy than that. Stay far away from this ripoff folks.

For More Reading On The Subject, and How to Protect Yourself From Any Variety of the Many Scams Which Currently Exist, our friends over at USBOinfo have a great page which shows you just what to look for when evaluating any of these offers! Learn to spot them and you need never fall victim again, no matter what disguise the scam comes in!

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