Saturday, March 29, 2014

24Option "Short-Term" Options Trading - A New Addition To The Lineup

Introduction To 24Option

24Option has been a popular binary options broker since they launched in 2012, and they have come a long way from there even. They have managed to remain relevant and competitive this whole time, innovating when appropriate and holding steady when it isn't. 24Option recognized a good thing when it saw it in 60-second options -- originally developed by Traderush -- and knew that this was a time for innovation. The 24Option answer to Traderush's 60-second binary options was their very own "short-term" binary options.

24Option Short-Term Binary Options Trading

The short-term binary options offered by 24Option are an attempt to "one-up" the brokers offering just 60-second options. During our 24Option review (read more reviews here) we were able to trade 60-second options, 30 second options, 120 second contracts, and even up 5-minute contracts! choose from among 30 seconds, 120 seconds, and 5 minutes as well. this provides significantly more flexibility in your trading and with your strategy development.

When trading short-term option people usually like to start out small with their investment amounts, and then slowly but surely work their way "up the ladder", in a manner of speaking. This has several benefits to it but the most important of them is that it should keep you from losing your shirt right off the bat while still getting the hang of trading these instruments.

Concluding Remarks Regarding 24Option

Short-term trading suits the profile of a trader who wants to minimize the risk and make quick profits, at the same time. However, without a good comprehension of the market and a precise execution time the profits will not show up. A short-term trader has to learn when the best time to get in is and which amount is the most appropriate for each investment. Once you have mastered these two, you are on your way to binary options trading success.

One of the many strengths of 24Option is their outstanding education center and free webinars for clients. Most binary options brokers offer at least some kind of educational material for new traders. But 24Option goes all out, with in-depth guides for both beginners and more advanced traders, a video academy, and live webinars held throughout the month each month. This is just a solid broker all around folks. Let us know if you have traded with them before and what you thought!


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