Thursday, April 3, 2014

Learn How To Spot Binary Options Scams And Scam Operators

A new article published by the binary options website shows traders how they can learn to easily protect themselves from the various binary options scams which currently exist.

Over the last six months or so there has been a flurry of cleverly structured binary options scams to hit the internet, and many traders have fallen victim to these swindlers. But you can make sure that you never become one of them fairly easily. You see, it turns out that almost all of these scams operate on the same basic principles, and even the details don't usually differ by all that much. That works in our favor because by learning to watch out for a few simple "tells" (a poker term for those who don't know) we can always spot one of these scams no matter how it is packaged up.

Binary Options Scam Example

Let's look at how one of the higher visibility versions of this scam works shall we? This particular binary options scam is called the "Profit in 60 Seconds" system. You can read about this scam in detail here if you want.

The profit in 60 seconds system claims that they will give you access to a "free" one-month trial of their amazing software product which will make you tons of easy money. Sounds good right? Just one little thing first. You must deposit $200+ with my preferred broker, and then you can have access to my awesome system that will make you tons of money. Wait, this doesn't sound quite so "free" anymore.

Despite your reservations you went ahead and deposited with the requested broker, and got access to this wonderful "free" software that is about to make you rich! Not so fast, playboy. It turns out, all that this amazing software does is empty your account balance. Ouch. The only one who made any money at all in "60 seconds" was the scammers pushing this product. Be warned, and stay far away!

And that, my friends is exactly how 90%+ of the binary options scams out there currently operate. So if you can learn to spot one, you can learn to spot them all. Stay safe out there!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Boss Capital Launched For US-Based Binary Options Traders

US-based binary options traders rejoiced this month when for the first time in a long time a broker was launched especially to serve them! The unfortunate trend of the last two years has been a steady decline in the number of brokers willing and able to serve the US market for binary options trading. So a reversal of this trend is indeed reason to rejoice for US traders. But is Boss Capital any good? A crappy broker willing to serve the market won't do us all that much good, and would probably be worse than no broker at all. Hopefully Boss Capital won't disappoint.

(Image Courtesy of

Boss Capital Review General Information

Website Address:
Minimum Deposit Amount: $200
Demo Account Upon Request
Deposit Bonus of up to 100% (or more for VIPs!)
Contract Count: Seven (7)
Underlying Asset Count: 150+ and counting!

Boss Capital Trading Platform Review

The Boss Capital trading platform uses the sophisticated Tech Financials binary options platform technology, which is widely used among the very best brokers in the business. However, we think that Boss Capital probably does a better job of customizing, implementing, and operating the platform technology than anyone else in the business at this time. And it is likely to stay that way for at least the near future. It has a nice look and feel to it, is easy to learn and operate, and most important of all, appears to be glitch-free and reliable.

When considering the relative merits of a binary options trading platform one of the most important points which we consider is the variety of contract types to trade with, as well as the number of underlying assets to choose from. Luckily, Boss Capital brings their A-Game in both categories, making for some happy traders here. Boss Capital offers a total of seven different contract types: high/low and above/below, daily and high-yield weekly one-touch options, daily and weekly high-yield boundary options, and of course the famous short-term options. As for underlying asset selection? Oh yeah, nearly 200 at the current count and growing all the time.

Concluding Remarks

In addition to their great trading platform, Boss Capital also offers their clients access to an extensive library of materials from basic education and introductory strategy, to full education courses and advanced strategy development webinars, among other things. You will also have 24/7 access to an account manager, either your own or a backup. Overall, Boss Capital is possibly the best all-around choice for US-based binary options traders, and even a solid choice for the much more competitive global marketplace for binary options trading. Stay safe out there!

24Option "Short-Term" Options Trading - A New Addition To The Lineup

Introduction To 24Option

24Option has been a popular binary options broker since they launched in 2012, and they have come a long way from there even. They have managed to remain relevant and competitive this whole time, innovating when appropriate and holding steady when it isn't. 24Option recognized a good thing when it saw it in 60-second options -- originally developed by Traderush -- and knew that this was a time for innovation. The 24Option answer to Traderush's 60-second binary options was their very own "short-term" binary options.

24Option Short-Term Binary Options Trading

The short-term binary options offered by 24Option are an attempt to "one-up" the brokers offering just 60-second options. During our 24Option review (read more reviews here) we were able to trade 60-second options, 30 second options, 120 second contracts, and even up 5-minute contracts! choose from among 30 seconds, 120 seconds, and 5 minutes as well. this provides significantly more flexibility in your trading and with your strategy development.

When trading short-term option people usually like to start out small with their investment amounts, and then slowly but surely work their way "up the ladder", in a manner of speaking. This has several benefits to it but the most important of them is that it should keep you from losing your shirt right off the bat while still getting the hang of trading these instruments.

Concluding Remarks Regarding 24Option

Short-term trading suits the profile of a trader who wants to minimize the risk and make quick profits, at the same time. However, without a good comprehension of the market and a precise execution time the profits will not show up. A short-term trader has to learn when the best time to get in is and which amount is the most appropriate for each investment. Once you have mastered these two, you are on your way to binary options trading success.

One of the many strengths of 24Option is their outstanding education center and free webinars for clients. Most binary options brokers offer at least some kind of educational material for new traders. But 24Option goes all out, with in-depth guides for both beginners and more advanced traders, a video academy, and live webinars held throughout the month each month. This is just a solid broker all around folks. Let us know if you have traded with them before and what you thought!

Monday, March 17, 2014

How To Choose A Good 60-Second Binary Options Broker

Most Forex traders are well accustomed to, and may even thrive in market volatility.  Indeed, that group of speculators readily comprehend their positions in the world's most liquid commodity exchange forum.  Many amateurs wanting to wet their feet without taking a bath in watershed of forex losses are well advised to learn about forex binary options fast.  Those who are unfamiliar with this trading model might do well to rely on forex 60 second binary option brokers. As experienced experts, these professionals can assist you tremendously insofar as binary options trading and provide an excellent mentor and confidante.  Specialized expertise sprinkled with a liberal amount genuine concern for your well-being is a winning combination that simply cannot be beaten. Nor can you afford anything less during your first days of making forays into the forex market.

A major drawback of non-binary brokers is that most do not accept US clients.  There are still many forex binary options brokers that welcome US traders, including some of the world's best brokerages of their kind.  This is quite fortunate for new traders, as binary options are somewhat more risky than regular forex ventures. For this reason and many more it is crucial that you do your trading on a solid platform, with a reputable and reliable broker with excellent customer service. It is also important that you learn how to avoid things like the profit in 60-seconds scam. Unfortunately, there is more like that out there.

The return on a 60 second binary options can be as high as 81%+ with the good brokers. With the potential profit being that good, it is easy to see why traders would be attracted, but also why there needs to be measures to ensure that this new trend in trading does not prey on individuals that have issues with gambling. Most sites that offer 60 second trades will limit the amount per trade. However, if the limit is $100 per trade there is still the potential to lose $6000 in one hour. Conversely, there is the potential to gain $4,860 in an hour. As always, never trade with funds which you cannot afford to lose.

A very frequent and potentially fatal error made by  forex novices is not checking out brokers they entrust to execute trades on their behalf.  It is important to find a binary options broker with abundant knowledge and competence who stays abreast of emergent trends.  This is the best type of friend to have in your corner to realize maximum yield on hard earned funds with least risk and lowest long-term cost.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The "Profit In 60-Seconds" System - Super System? or Just a Scam?

The trading of 60-second binary options has become incredibly popular lately, with trade volumes for 60-second contracts being not all that far behind the volumes for standard, high/low binary option contracts. And that is just crazy, especially considering that 60-second options are only a couple short years old at this point. They were first introduced to the market in 2011 with the launch of Traderush, the innovator of 60-second binary options trading. However, since that time they have spread across most of the industry, with all of the most popular and top-rated brokers offering some form of 60-second, or "turbo" trading.

profit in 60-seconds review

Profit in 60-Seconds Review - Super System? or Simple Scam?

The Profit in 60-seconds software is claimed to be a system for automatically trading and profiting from these options with a very high success rate. So if these claims are even partly true, with compounding returns we are all going to be filthy rich is no time at all. Woohoo! Ah, but no fast. Because alas, it turns out that none of this scammers claims are even partly true, and the "system" only works well at emptying your account balance. The only person who is going to "profit in 60-seconds" from the use of this software is the jerk pushing it. The "Profit in 60-Seconds Scam" is a much more appropriate and truthful name for this crap.

This scammer tricks people into paying for his worthless system by pretending that he is giving them a free 30-day trial of the product. Our profit in 60 seconds review tells an entirely different story. All you have to
the profit in 60-seconds review of scam system
do to get this "free" trial is deposit $200+ with one of his partner brokers, who then turn around and pay him a $200+ "finders fee" for referring them a new client. So in all reality he is charging you $200+ for his crappy software. And you'll be lucky if that's all it costs you. Because if you were to deposit more than the $200 minimum, and then actually use the system on your new account you would quickly just lose whatever account balance you might have. Even worse is that he probably has a revenue sharing deal with these brokers, whereby the more you lose the more he makes, giving him an incentive to make his "system" as crappy as possible. Doesn't get much more scummy than that. Stay far away from this ripoff folks.

For More Reading On The Subject, and How to Protect Yourself From Any Variety of the Many Scams Which Currently Exist, our friends over at USBOinfo have a great page which shows you just what to look for when evaluating any of these offers! Learn to spot them and you need never fall victim again, no matter what disguise the scam comes in!

Friday, March 14, 2014

An Overview Of The GOptions Service And Trading Platform

It is evident that there is something unique about this broker as they have continued to become popular with time. GOptions review indicates that they have a lot to offer their clients and by this, everyone can get his or her share of attraction.

Apart from the affordable rates, they offer different kinds of contracts like low, long term, one touch and many others. There is also the availability of a demo account which you can use to familiarize yourself with their system.

From their numerous contract types to unique contracts are what has made this broker stand out of the crowd. These options include long term, unique ladder and turbo among others.  With the reliable software that it has, this in-depth GOptions review reveals that is has faster withdrawals with no hassles and automated trading for efficiency. This is greatly powered by their SpotOption trading technology which most traders find comfortable to use.

The option types carry the day in GOption performance given the very popular traded assets that they present to their customers. Their Long Term contracts are based on different ranges of payouts and can go up to a year expiry. The available Turbo binary option also has a good range of 60 seconds and down to 30 seconds binary option.

What gives more credit to this broker is the daily and weekly options which is not so common with other brokers.  With this, there is absolutely lesser magnitude goals and return rates which are offered all together. These have proved to be flexible on use regularly especially the daily options.

There is also the Ladder options contract which this broker offers. This is quite new in the market and may not be common with the other brokers.  To cap it all, they offer the Signal service marketplace with free and paid services.  However, as long as you become a client, you have the liberty to access the signals marketplace freely.

There is also the customer service section to help you out in case of any query.  Additional education materials are also available for more information. All these will of cause give you appropriate responses as required.

The research on GOptions also revealed that indeed, they have received more industry awards than all the other brokers for the 2013 period of time. This broker also provides enough educational materials and strategy articles to guide its customers. All these have resulted to this broker being the number one for US based binary options traders.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Market Lose Some Steam Heading Into Mid-Week 3-11-2014

US markets today posted some of their steepest losses in quite some time (excepting last week's larger decline), and it may have been a telling day for the future. We shall see, of course, but I would say that further declines are more likely than not. Let's look at a chart of the DJIA index for today.

As you can see from the chart above the markets pulled a fast one on a lot of folks, faking up slightly early morning, only to rip back the other way, and decline for most of the rest of the day. We've been looking for something like this to occur, but it still doesn't really mean anything unless and until we seem some confirming  moves. That makes the rest of this week's action especially important going into this weekend. If we see decent magnitude declines tomorrow, many traders may not want to hold on to their positions over the weekend. Their selling out of those positions of course causing even more rapid declines on Friday.

That isn't a theory by the way, but rather just one version of possible events. At this point it really could still easily go either way. In fact, the odds are probably slightly with the bulls at this time. We'll be keeping a close eye on the US indices in the coming days, and you should too. Stay safe out there!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

US Markets Review For 2-27-2014

Good evening everyone! Well it was an interesting day in the markets today, yet another day of a bullet-proof market and steady gains on absolutely no good economic data. It just feels as if it is going to be especially ugly when markets "correct" this time. Potentially worse than the 2007-2009 bear run. But not tomorrow or anything. No need for panic in the streets quite yet.

It will be very interesting to see how markets are positioned going into the weekend. We've been keeping our trading to a relatively light volume as we remain somewhat cautious. Good luck out there!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Reputable Binary Options Brokers For US-Based Traders

Introduction To Binary Options Brokers

For those who trade in the forex market regularly, the volatile nature of the market when it comes to price action is nothing surprising. In fact, these traders find that the forex market is the most liquid market to trade in! As a beginner if you wish to dabble in something that is less risky than forex trading then it is wise to opt for forex binary options. If you are not familiar with this form of trade then you might want to rely on Forex binary options brokers. Being experienced professionals, they will be able to help you out immensely when it comes to trading in terms of binary options and be your friend, philosopher and guide along the way!

One of the main problems associated with regular brokers is that many of them do not accept US traders. Thus, instead of dealing with regular forex trading one should switch over to forex binary options trading because there are plenty of US binary options brokers who offer their services to interested US traders. In fact, not only US brokers but some of the best brokers for binary options also accept US traders. Therefore, this is definitely a huge plus point which lures people towards trading in binary options instead of regular forex, which also happens to be more risky!

Finding US regulated binary options brokers is difficult because there is no dearth of such brokers. It is the binary options brokers accepting US-based traders that are difficult to come across. If you are just getting started with binary options trading then you can increase your chances of reaping copious amount of profits by taking the help of any one of the best US binary options brokers. Some of the top names in this regard are Redwood Options, Traderush, 99Binary and Stockpair.

One of the most common blunders that people make is entering into trading without knowing their brokers well. This is definitely a huge mistake because you wouldn't be aware of whether you have chosen the right person for the job or not. Thus, even though you may have decided on a reputed binary options broker but it is important to first get to know your broker well. A good binary options broker is one who is knowledgeable and competent. He/she should be up to date about the changing trends in terms of forex binary options trading so that he/she can handle your trades well and ensure that they produce high yields!

Another potential measure of how good a broker may be is their popularity among other binary options traders. Obviously, a broker that manages to attract a much larger client base than its competitors is probably doing a better job of pleasing their clients. And thus benefiting from the positive word-of-mouth that creates. It is hard to measure with precision who exactly the most popular binary options brokers are, but this website has used the publicly available Alexa traffic rankings as a proxy for popularity, and that is probably as good a measure as you are likely to find.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

What The Market Muses Like About Binary Options Trading

Binary Options Trading - The Muses View

Every kind of financial markets trading has its advantages and disadvantages, with no one asset class being the right choice in all situations. However, what we can look for is those that give us the widest variety of trading choices under the widest variety of market conditions. The most flexible instruments in other words. The financial instruments which will allow us to profit no matter what kind of market conditions currently exist. Down markets don't bother us! In fact, sometimes we prefer them. So what do the Muses feel is the best instrument for meeting the above outlined criteria? We believe that would be binary options contracts.

Binary Options Advantages

There are many advantages of binary options trading that simply do not exist with any other type of financial instrument. That is not to say that there are no disadvantages of binary options trading (which we will touch on later), but they are far outweighed by the advantages we think. Here we will introduce just a few of the most important of those advantages.
  • Precisely Controlled Risk
Binary options contracts allow traders to control risk in a way that is not possible with any other asset class. This is because you have complete control over those risks. Both the investment risk and the potential returns are known prior to ever entering the trade. This means that you can always calculate your risk/reward  ratio, and adjust it as needed, with ease. No other asset class can come ti this level of control.
  • High Returns & Fast-Paced Trading
Binary options trading not only offers you very high return rates on your investment amounts, but also does so in a fast-paced trading environment which allows you to "turn over" your trades many times throughout a single day. This makes for very large profit opportunities each and every day. Just remember to control your risk!
  • Accessible & User-Friendly Trading Platforms
One of the biggest initial draws for binary options trading is its relative simplicity, and the ease-of-use of the trading platforms usually offered by brokers (not all of them meet this criteria, just most). The simplicity of binary options trading has allowed it to gain popularity among a new class of traders who have no prior experience in financial markets speculation. Unlike most other forms of trading, binary options trading can be learned in a very short amount of time, and with no prior trading experience of any kind even necessary (but it can certainly helpful). A day to learn and a lifetime to master kind of thing (although you can be consistently profitable in much less than a lifetime, thankfully haha).
  • Very Low Initial Investment Required
With most forms of investing, from general stock market investing, to forex and "vanilla" options trading, the minimum investment for opening an account can frequently run to $5,000-$10,000 just to get started. Many of us cannot afford to risk that much money in something we are not professionals at. Prior to binary options trading, we were just out of luck and "priced out" of the market. Binary options brokers like Banc de Binary, on the other hand, have very low minimum requirements of $100-$200 typically, and as high as $500 in some cases. A far cry from $5,000+ just to get a foot in the door.
  • Market Neutral Instruments - Profit In ANY Market Environment
One of the very best things about binary options is that they are completely market neutral trading instruments. This simply means that regardless of overall market conditions, whether they are rising, falling, or flat, you can easily profit using binary options. How? Well, with binary options trading it is just as easy to purchase a put contract (falling price bet) as it is a call contract (rising prices bet). There are no restrictions or extra costs associated with a put position. Unlike traditional options. Market direct just does not matter with these unique instruments.

Binary Options Trading Overview Conclusions

These are just a few of the many advantages of binary options trading. There are many more which you will quickly discover for yourself should you start trading in these unique and exciting financial instruments. There are however, at least a couple of potential disadvantage which we earlier promised to mention.

Binary Options Disadvantages

  • Poor Charting Technology Provided By Brokers
This can be easily overcome though by simply using off-site charting software. We recommend TD Ameritrade's ThinkOrSwim downloadable trading platform software.
  • US Traders Often Restricted
Due to some regulatory conflicts and the high costs associated with compliance, many of the most popular global binary options brokers do not currently accept US traders. And even some who do accept US trades do not allow them full access to all platform features and underlying assets. There are, however, still several great brokers who accept US trades, and give them complete, unrestricted access to all features and assets.

Friday, February 21, 2014

An Introductory Pair Options Trading Overview

What The Heck Are Pair Options?

The stock market is one of the best places in which to make money. One of the ways through which you can do this is by pair options trading. This trading involves investing in two stocks and deciding which will outperform the other at the end of the day. Should you be accurate in your prediction, you get a return. The stocks that you choose have to be affiliated in some way; in other words, the stocks that you choose have to be within the same sector.

You must consider a few things before engaging in pair options trading. One of these is the trading platform you will use. It is important for you to shop around and find investment platform, which are suited to your needs. The stockbroker you choose should be able to guide you in making the investments that will help you earn money most of the time. Choose a reputable broker who will not trade without your permission, something that some do illegally.

stockpair floating pair options trading image

How Pair Options Are Traded At Stockpair

It is also important to consider the stock options you are going to pair up. These options have to have some semblance of a relationship. One example is a pairing of Microsoft stock to that of Apple Inc. Do some research in order to find out what is most likely to give you the best returns in pair options trading. Currently, Stockpair is generally considered the king of pair options offerings.

In addition to the selected stock options, you have to have some money for investment purposes. This money is what you are going to use to purchase both stocks in whatever amount you prefer. You should have money that is your own, since the stock market is always unpredictable regardless of how much information you have. Borrowing money to trade is a risky and dangerous thing to do, especially if you lose because you will still have to pay it back.

stockpair education center section

Once you are decided and have your money, you need to embark on your options trading. You will first buy a stock with potential to close higher at the end of the day. You can then buy a second stock within the same sector, which you think will close lower at the day’s end. You should consider investing a similar or close to similar amount of money on each stock option, you have decided on. This reduces the risk should you lose some money on one stock option.

Pair Options Trading Overview Conclusion

This kind of trading is quite popular because it enables you to cushion yourself somewhat against market volatility. When you invest on the stock you think will gain, you are purchasing a call on it. Alternatively, when you invest on a stock you think will lose at the end of the day then what you are doing is purchasing a put.

There are several advantages to pair options trading. One of those advantages is that whether or not the values of the stock you have picked go down, as long as you have made the accurate prediction on the call and put trade options then you stand to make money. This would not be the case should you have invested on the stock options individually, as you would have gone at a total lose if both options closed low.

stockpair fixed pair options trading image

If both stock options close high at the end of the day, and your predictions are accurate, then you would stand to make money from both options as well as from the prediction itself. The high returns in such a case make this a very attractive option within the stock market.

Pair options trading is therefore the way to go should you prefer to hedge your bets and if you have no appetite for high risks. You should therefore arm yourself with as much information as you can to enhance your returns after the trading is done.

Introduction To The Trading Genius Attack Plan Blog

Welcome to the Trading Genius Attack Plan Blog!

Thanks for stopping by. You made a good step simply by showing your interest in making your own trading attack plan, and becoming a more successful and profitable trader. And we hope to be able to help you along in that regard, so stick around and get to know us a bit better.

What Is A Trading Genius Attack Plan?

In today's atmosphere of often volatile, and always unpredictable financial markets, it is crucial to success to have a solid plan of attack. You must develop specific trading habits, and make decisions on where to concentrate your efforts among countless highly specific areas of specialization. You don't need to be an expert in your markets, but you do need to know them as well as you reasonably can, which means being narrow in your focus. But what to focus on? That is where your trading genius attack plan comes into play my friends.

How Can I Develop My Own Trading Genius Attack Plan?

At the end of the day, the goal is for you to be able to develop your very own trading genius attack plan, without any outside help at all. That may sound daunting at first but if you start small, take baby steps, and keep walking no matter how harsh the weather gets, you'll eventually reach your destination. You will learn to develop you own attack plan by mastering the basic education available, and then the intermediate and advanced strategy articles. You can also follow the trading of other successful traders of the instruments you prefer. And throughout all of this you will, of course, be practicing, practicing, practicing. In just a few short months you will be ready to develop a very solid trading attack plan.

How Can You Help?

We are here to help you achieve your trading goals, no matter how ambitious they might be. And it is towards that end that we provide all of the resources and services outlined in the previous section about developing your own plan. Basic education, intermediate to advanced strategy articles and discussions, and live trading blogging of our own trades. We also point you to all the other great resources that can be found around the web on becoming a better trader. we've already done the work scouring the web for forex and binary options information so we know all the best sites and resources.